Products are at the heart of today’s startup ecosystem, and we are seeing an undercurrent of this ecosystem growing even faster, roaring proudly across the country. Not so far are the days where India produces the most unicorns and hits #1 in taking the product revolution to the next level on the world table. 

ProMobius is a product accelerator and venture studio of Mobius. This was built with a vision to spur the growth of the product landscape and create world-class products. With 20+ years of experience of serving customers across the world and in-house expertise across technologies, ProMobius has been incubating and investing in niche products and start-ups in alignment with our broader vision. This is a journey to unlock the potential talent pool to ignite start-ups and build products for global markets. 

In this endeavor, ProMobius Varsity is a unique initiative to address the academic-industry gap and anchor the product mindset in the minds of the young talent pool. As the first step, we’re profoundly happy to introduce the practical product management program (PPM), to all the aspirants who want to carve their niche in product management. This program would provide a fertile ethos for the people who are passionate about products and startups.

Demystifying Practical Product Management

Product Management is one of the most lucrative careers sought after by many, especially after the rise of the start-up ecosystem. This course is to help you demystify product management with our 4-week cohort-based hybrid program focused on providing holistic knowledge. 

This program is thoughtfully designed with modern business practices in mind, facilitated by prominent product leaders, entrepreneurs, and experts from a multitude of industries who have been there, done that for companies across the different spectrum.

What will you learn?

Product Management Fundamentals
Getting your Product Right
Market Analysis
Building MVP
Taking the Product to Market
Opportunity Hypothesis
Product Launch
Product Marketing

Who should attend?

Working Professionals and Entrepreneurs
Engineering and Management Graduate

This program is aimed to nourish the entrepreneurial spirit of aspiring product managers by providing them the right exposure on product building right from ideation, validation, and taking the idea to Minimum Viable Product to provide comprehensive knowledge on building a robust product strategy.

At the end of the PPM course, you’ll have a great understanding of product management and all that it takes to become a great product manager:

  • Develop, design, and take ideas from a concept to a viable product.
  • Core Product Management responsibilities.
  • Current best practices followed in the industry.
  • Core competencies to work across different teams.
  • Strategic and tactical approaches to build and scale products.
  • Methodologies involved in product building.
  • Problem-solving skills and cultivating a product mindset.

This could be your ladder to the ultimate leap into Product Management. Apply Now!

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Krithika is a curious marketer who loves to explore the reason for the human condition. Outside of work, you can spot her enjoying the sound of waves washing up on the shore or can be found strolling around with her furry friends.

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