Customers deserve solicitous service. With heavily loaded wallets and fully charged energy, they are always on the go for digital shopping.

It is not surprising to see the stupendous interest people are showing as it is the era of digital shopping that has completely revolutionized purchasing trends and traditions with no discrimination in terms of accessibility, affordability or availability.

A little thinking on what drives the shoppers to make the purchase decision brings a clarity on how important e-commerce product data could be. A striking 88% of customers believe product content is “extremely important” in the buying process.

So, consumers think strong product description is a major criterion that helps in making the purchase decision.

That being said, let us analyze a little further on what are some benefits a good product data would offer.

Rich catalog content

A well-described product sells itself.

  • Product information comes from everywhere – suppliers, agencies, internal teams etc. So, the content needs to be managed to bring consistency and improve search performance. So, the product content should be enriched with information highlighting all the features and giving an impactful description of the product specifications that are easily understandable to all the segments of audiences and the nitty-gritty details should be in place
  • Product image is as important as the description because it is the only visual access you are giving to the customer. The image should be of high quality, resolution, and a single image in different angles/dimensions is essentially enough.

Lessen the time to market

There could be thousands of products that you would want to onboard onto marketplaces. But, creating product content for such huge volumes would take forever. To get products to market faster, the product listing procedure needs to be automated.

Product data automation process enables retailers to quickly manage, synchronize and optimize their content, driving discoverability and sales. The data collected by the seller from multiple suppliers can be streamlined using standardized templates.

Some marketplaces reduce the time to market for products by having a standardized product content for every product. This way the seller just needs to focus on product onboarding rather than managing product data.

Improve conversions

An impactful and highly informative product content helps in improved search performance. 94% of customers will abandon a site if they can’t find the information they need to make an informed purchase as per a survey conducted by salsify. By information, they mean everything – detailed product content, reviews & ratings and of course, price.

Customers who were surveyed for the study indicated that product features – particularly bullets, images, videos, and reviews were much more likely to convince them than price alone.

Why isn’t price the single major factor that influences a purchase decision?

  • 66% of customers say they want to see at least 3 images while shopping
  • Customers have 3 pet peeves when it comes to product information – Not enough info on a product, ordering a product online that looks different when received, not enough images of the product

Clearly, good product content is what that makes a product page drive conversions.

Product data that is rich in information improves search performance, customer experience, and the brand image.

Deliver engaging customer experience

Consumers browse, compare product features and ultimately decide whether to buy based on the confidence they have gained through the shopping experiences provided by you.

A good product data engages shoppers to buy the product as they would feel fully equipped with information about the features, price, shipping details, ratings, and reviews.

Good customer experience comes when customers are able to find you online, if your product details are consistent, and if you can answer their question and anticipate their needs. The closer you fulfill their expectations, the better is their overall experience.

A happy customer can do a lot of good things for your business. They can increase your sales by writing good reviews, recommending you to others and building your brand image.

82% of customers say they want to see at least 3 reviews when they are considering a purchase. To have the added advantage of gaining good reviews, it is better to keep customers satisfied through high-quality product data.

Win sales offline

The significance of product content is not just limited to driving purchase decision while customers are buying online.

It has become every bit as important while shopping at brick and mortar stores too. Mobile devices are playing a huge role by enabling customers to make in-store purchase decisions instead of taking help from sales or customer support personnel.

Customers use product data to understand the product specifications, and compare prices of competitors, read product reviews and descriptions and share product information with others.

Customers decide whether or not to purchase a product based upon the product content. This makes product data management the core part of your business that influences sales. Having understood about the significance of product data, you would probably appreciate that Mobius Knowledge services has been recently spotted as a significant contributor in the catalog management space.

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