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Meet us at the BIIA 2017 Conference

“Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine,” states Peter Sondergaard, SVP at Gartner. Channelising the Information Oil is the Business Information Industry Association (BIIA) – a trade consortium for business information service providers… Continue Reading →

Leverage the Web to kickstart your digital transformation journey

“Digital transformation — the use of technology to radically improve performance or reach of enterprises.” Businesses are aware that they are being carried by the tides of change whether they like it or not. It took fortune 500 companies around… Continue Reading →

Elevate cold calling success : The perfect elevator pitch

Sales rep – what a great tag to walk around with. Dynamic career development, good networking, great pay, opportunities to travel around and what not? You are the star, since you run the show by bringing business. But, to the… Continue Reading →

SEO for marketplaces – Tips, tricks & best practices

Amazon is surpassing Google. Yes, you read that right, when it comes to SEO for marketplaces you need to drive your energy and focus on optimization for marketplaces and search engine only to follow. This is because a search on… Continue Reading →

Can businesses access any public data in the web for their use?

The recent Federal judge’s injunction against LinkedIn that it can’t stop bots accessing its public data could turn out to be a landmark moment for the commercial use of the data on the net. It was a nuanced interpretation of… Continue Reading →

Pricing intelligence for better retail decisions

Pricing is usually determined on the basis of competition that is hanging around. In the fiercely competitive E-commerce industry, if it’s not you, then it’s your competitor who is going to win the sales because he offers better deals on… Continue Reading →

Why it’s easier to succeed with product data than you might think

Customers deserve solicitous service. With heavily loaded wallets and fully charged energy, they are always on the go for digital shopping. It is not surprising to see the stupendous interest people are showing as it is the era of digital… Continue Reading →

Mobito: A Move Towards Mass Crawl Data

Data drives business. And now data is available in petabytes in public domain that encompasses all aspects of a business. So, in addition to helping you solve practical business problems, public domain data can help you discover new opportunities in… Continue Reading →

Product data and the e-Commerce journey

Claire had been saving up for months for a weekend of trekking with her family. She had planned everything in advance, booked her family into one of the best resorts in the area, bought the best trekking equipment including bags,… Continue Reading →

5 key takeaways from IRCE 2017

The IRCE’17 held at the McCormick Place West, Chicago, turned out to be a gathering of best minds and technology from the world of e-Commerce. As for Mobius, a four-time IRCE veteran participating since 2013, it was a great opportunity… Continue Reading →

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