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Leveraging publicly available information for local business intelligence

Even though information can be accessed by almost everyone, knowing where to find it and how to put it to use is a key challenge. For example, verifying the credentials of a plumber or roofing contractor can be done with… Continue Reading →

Technology in retail: A mid-year review

This article was recently published on Datafloq. You can also read it here For some of us listening to music, unwrapping a present, meditating, working out or just a hug contributes tad bit to loosening the levels of stress we go… Continue Reading →

Industrial E-commerce : A classic treasure hunt game

The growth of e-commerce industry and the abundant opportunities in this sphere to earn and grow is well perceived and acclaimed. The whole other segment of it is industrial e-commerce that is growing exponentially too. But, astonishingly about $1 trillion… Continue Reading →

9 Industries that can make the most out of Data Aggregation

Data is leaving a trail in every industry. Be it finance or healthcare or the thriving e-Commerce sector, executives often consult the data doctor to make strategic plans and scale businesses. Often business strategists and industry experts have a tough time… Continue Reading →

Meet the new hot-shot in town – The Data Engineer

Data engineering is gaining prominence because of the fact that organizations are choked by a deluge of data ranging from logs in multiple formats to valuable business information lying unstructured in the vast Internet. Data scientists who had to analyze… Continue Reading →

The ultimate list of Web Scraping tools and software

Ever since machine learning and data science took the world by storm, researchers and businesses alike are on the lookout for more data and the hunt for data is on from unconventional data sources like the Internet. Being an extremely… Continue Reading →

Steer enterprise Strategies the Big Data Way

My pace quickened as the threatening clouds darkened, reinforcing the weatherman’s report for the next few days. Taking lessons from the floods that hit our state the previous year, family members arrived at a solemn decision to stock all the… Continue Reading →

Major Takeaways IRCE 2018

Coming back from a conference can be an overwhelming experience. It’s easy to get distracted by the cool new merch and the big glamorous ideas you were presented with at the conference. You may end up spending a lot of… Continue Reading →

Scale Your Cybersecurity Measures to Match Digitization Efforts

The following article was also published on DZone and you can read it here. Man has this innate need to reinvent and evolve. To constantly innovate and grow. His urge to progress drove him to spark fire from stone, get wheels rolling with… Continue Reading →

All set and pumped up for the IRCE 2018

IRCE – The magnificent retail show It’s that time of the year, if you are making plans to visit Willis tower or Navy Pier, just hold on and push your plans along June as there is IRCE’ 18 – the… Continue Reading →

World’s most popular mysterious cases solved with the help of big data

This blog is co-authored by Pranav Kumar, Balakarthiga, Janani They say that the ancient civilizations would have survived if only they had the knowledge of big data and the analytics to use it. Luckily, our generation has found ways to… Continue Reading →

Future of Data Business: Three tips from Silicon Valley

“Data, data everywhere”, the paraphrased old rime, is true for every industry today. Not only a business is able to capture far more amount of data internally, but it can access humungous amount of public data – on competitors, demographics,… Continue Reading →

Product data and the e-Commerce journey

Claire had been saving up for months for a weekend of trekking with her family. She had planned everything in advance, booked her family into one of the best resorts in the area, bought the best trekking equipment including bags,… Continue Reading →

Untapped gold mines of email campaigns – How to improve your marketing success?

Hey Sarah! Is the email campaign right on schedule? I’m super excited about all the conversions we’re going to bring through this well-executed campaign. Like Sarah’s boss, there are millions of other marketers looking to capitalize on the benefits a… Continue Reading →

Pricing intelligence for better retail decisions

Pricing is usually determined on the basis of competition that is hanging around. In the fiercely competitive E-commerce industry, if it’s not you, then it’s your competitor who is going to win the sales because he offers better deals on… Continue Reading →

If web crawling helped Google so much, why not for you?

The following content was originally published on BigDataMadeSimple and you can read it here. I’ve become a big fan of Google. Now before I start pouring in praises for the search giant, it’s quite amusing to note that their well-loved… Continue Reading →

Watch out for these 7 e-Commerce trends in 2018

We are almost done with 2017 and we are all set to step into a brand new year. But before we say “Hi” to 2018, let’s be prepared for the trends that are said to rule the eCommerce space. Customers… Continue Reading →

Elevate cold calling success : The perfect elevator pitch

Sales rep – what a great tag to walk around with. Dynamic career development, good networking, great pay, opportunities to travel around and what not? You are the star, since you run the show by bringing business. But, to the… Continue Reading →

6 Simple secrets to a totally rocking e-Commerce Holiday season

Santa is on his way. There’s not much time left for you because his sleigh is super fast and the holiday season is approaching. While you are busy checking off your holiday preparation checklist, remember your customers are waiting to… Continue Reading →

The Web Data Evolution and its Impact on the CIO’s Role

The amount of human generated data on Earth is set to grow from around 4.4 zettabytes in 2010 to 44 zettabytes by 2020 according to IDC’s annual Digital Universe. There are an estimated 4,000 dotcom sites being created every day…. Continue Reading →

Say Hi to us @ ETail India Expo 2017

Are you attending the Etail India Expo 2017? Great! Schedule your meet with us and let’s catch up.   Rita’s  website was up! Her collection of floral curtains, tablecloths, and bedspreads were up for sale on the site and she had… Continue Reading →

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