We are really excited to announce the release of our cutting-edge product data management platform ProductiWise. And, nothing more fitting that the first look will be unveiled at Internet Retailers Conference & Exhibition, IRCE’17, in Chicago. Simple-to-use and designed with intelligent features, ProductiWise fills a niche gap to track, manage and deliver improved context-ready content through the e-commerce channels. Over the last 14 years, we’ve worked with e-Commerce players across the board which has helped us understand how the content could be managed to be more productive for the sellers.

Product content is one of those important but not urgent problems for the e-commerce businesses. Everybody understands that good, and more importantly, appropriate content can improve search visibility, increase conversion rates, help customer education, and drive new customers in and faster time-to-live beating competition. The even bigger hidden benefit is that content provides the subtle messages about your brand and help customers come back again and again. Nearly all retailers understand intuitively how the content gap could hurt, but it takes a lot of effort for even making a small difference and that has been the challenge. And that is exactly the challenge ProductiWise is designed to take on.

Garbage in|Garbage out

ProductiWise starts with getting the inbound data right first. Because we have seen that when it is garbage in, the output also tends to be garbage mostly with a lipstick on it. If only the inbound data had been created with the end-consumers and the distribution channels in mind, most of the challenges will vanish. However, that is not the case and will not change soon with the globalization of supply and explosion of new products. This inbound data could be data coming from the suppliers to the retailer, or from a marketplace perspective, the seller feeds coming through. Our experience shows that it is really a utopian dream to get compliant data even half of the time. ProductiWise steps right in here, providing control mechanisms to track non-complying data, and more importantly tools and features to correct it through different means including automation, managed rejections or outsourcing and self-service options with easy workflow. There could be other uses too like how a client of ours, actually analyses the content gaps reported by ProductiWise on his incoming feeds and plans his competitive strategy based on it because he knows that his competitors too will have the same bad data and are not likely to act on it. Just goes on to show when you have the data and tools, you can be king.

Right Content for the Right Context

The other side of the equation is when the retailer needs to ensure that he gets the right visibility, improve conversion rates and generally be one-up against the competition. ProductiWise ensures that the content is enriched about just right for your different channels including your online store, mobile, and the different marketplace channels. Getting the product compliant with their guidelines can mean faster time to market; beating competition. And, getting the content right would mean better search visibility and conversion. Even when the inbound data quality is bad, ProductiWise gives you the control of grading them as good, bad and ugly and having appropriate plans for them. Your content will be now dressed for the occasion.

Here’s what ProductiWise has in store for you…

Health Check Tools

The quality of data can be measured by three Cs – Compliance, Coverage, and Correctness. Compliance to the style guides or customer expectations; Enough coverage of content like the number of attributes including the mandatory ones or a very informative description; Correctness or the accuracy of these attributes or description to the product itself. ProductiWise provides the tools to manage this efficiently including automated syncing of the guideline changes by category managers, image-based QA, before/after views, sampling methods and so on.

Enrichment Tools

ProductiWise comes with an integrated workflow which determines the quality gaps & gradings, creating different batches and handling them appropriately by sending product data back to the supplier, outsource it for re-working or have self-service options. The self-service screens come with tools for creating right product titles, image management, negative keyword checks, mapping, classification etc. It also comes with an inbuilt research tool that finds the right sources to verify or get information for enrichment.

Marketplace SEO

With more than half the online buyers heading to Amazon first for research and purchase, the search visibility aspect inside Amazon becomes bigger than even the traditional SEO. ProductiWise has a solution to track the performance of the products and along with its managed services for keyword research, it provides you a crucial component for success in Amazon.

Enterprise Customization

The entire solution is designed for fitting into an enterprise’s current workflow and legacy tools. It comes with APIs for connectivity and data outputs in multiple formats. The enrichment and quality modules can be handled by different team members across locations with secure role definitions, including supplier self-registrations. It is a cloud-hosted SAAS solution with always-on redundancies.

Why ProductiWise?
In the e-commerce world, the entire sales cycle happens in a virtual mode. The overall content, including the product information, images, price, competitors data, compliance to the channel guidelines all put together defines the tangibility for the end consumer. The ecosystem of suppliers, channels and competitors, technology, customer preferences – they all keep changing fast. You need to be on top of the changes as soon as the trends are seen and ProductiWise provides that platform to keep you on top of the heap. It is the smart tool every smart seller has been waiting for.

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  Karthik Karunakaran

  CEO & Co-founder

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