Looking back to the beautiful victories and numerous participation this year, 2022 has been amazing for Mobius. The wide array of opportunities has allowed us to showcase our ability to provide premium data solutions to all its potential customers. Participating in the Big Data Event this year in London was one such opportunity. Here is a blog detailing everything done to put our brand’s data services out globally, from talking about our XDAS platform to solving data queries.

ProMobius, a venture studio of Mobius, organized a product management program called “Practical Product Management” to bridge the academic-industry gap in product management. This four-week cohort-based hybrid program helped demystify product management for the better. If you want to know more about this program, check out this podcast series. This series is an excerpt from the course conducted to help curious product people leap into the real world of product management.

Apart from actively participating in various reputable events globally, Mobius was also able to present meaningful insights to its audience through visionary blogs. Here are the top 5 blogs of 2022 from Mobius for you:

  • How to build a successful ecommerce business in 2022?

The ecommerce industry is constantly evolving, and it is high time we knew the nooks and cranny of it. Here is a blog that enlisted the best practices for ecommerce companies and ways to emerge well in the 2022 ecommerce game.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Lease Administration in Commercial Real Estate

Every real estate business requires lease administration support to review and manage the database and abstract details from lease documents. Here is a guide that uncovers the riskier tasks performed under lease administration.

  • Why the ‘Professor’ from Money Heist is a great leader

For those who watched Netflix’s Money Heist, ‘Professor’ is a well-known character. Despite it being fictitious, there are many lessons to be learned from him. Here is a blog that discusses why the ‘Professor’ was known to be the best leader and what we can take from the series.

  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Augmented Reality

With evolving technology, brands worldwide strive to strengthen the emotion between the brand and people. And augmented reality is one such technology that helps stimulate these emotions near-naturally, awakening the audio-visual senses along with the motion. Check out this intriguing blog discussing augmented reality, its functions, and its limitations.

  • Interstitial ads: What are they, and how do they work?

Interstitial advertisements are one of the most popular advertisement formats. Contrary to pop-ups, native ads, or banners that take up a portion of the screen, interstitial ads are interactive full-screen advertisements that span the whole game or app interface. But what makes it the best form of advertising? Find out here.

For more such compelling blogs, visit this page. To learn more about our services and products, visit our main webpage.

With this said, we are grateful for 2022 and look forward to more opportunities to present our services, simplify processes and achieve all the data needs of our customers in 2023.


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