For those who own a real estate company, you must know that the real estate market is getting more competitive with time. Due to increasing competition, standing out amongst competitors and maintaining an upward growth trajectory is highly challenging.  Real estate businesses can gain a lot from managed service providers’ assistance as they help manage time and information and bring top-notch technology.

Real estate companies have a lot of responsibilities, including managing their properties, leases, and investments. They must keep tabs on their assets and other management processes.

At times, the lack of accurate asset information can hinder the performance of real estate companies, leading to operational inefficiencies and substantial financial losses. Even their back office workflows take a detour due to a lack of adequate management and an in-house team.

To top it all off, real estate companies also grapple with the added challenge of safeguarding sensitive data such as financial records, personal information of clients and tenants, legal documents, property valuations, investment strategies, and confidential agreements. Missing such crucial information can lead to irreparable damage to business operations and its reputation.

Therefore, outsourcing time-consuming, repetitive tasks to managed service providers offers real estate companies several benefits, including cost savings, enhanced efficiency, and increased security.

What is the scope of managed services in the real estate industry?

Managed services are becoming more important across every industry, irrespective of their size. A managed service provider in the real estate industry is a third-party provider that offers services such as data entry, document management, lease accounting implementation, rental management, and other administrative services. 

By outsourcing services to a managed service provider, real estate companies can free up in-house professionals to focus on essential core activities such as client relations, marketing, and strategic planning. 

Moreover, experienced professionals with lease managed service providers offer real-time support and valuable insights, empowering real estate companies to access cutting-edge technologies, analytics tools, and expert guidance for informed decision-making.

Overall, managed services are an excellent way for real estate firms to increase operational efficiency and security, improve customer service, and reduce expenditures.

Why should real estate firms opt for managed services?

Real estate companies encounter numerous hurdles, including fluctuating demand, intricate regulations, and shifting market trends. To maintain a competitive edge, they must efficiently manage workflows while paying attention to core business functions. Managed services emerge as a promising solution to address these challenges effectively.

Cost savings and risk mitigation are primary incentives for real estate companies to outsource lease management services. Furthermore, the scalability offered by managed services proves invaluable, empowering real estate companies to navigate variable demands and optimize the lease management process.

Managed services providers can simplify lease handling and data-related operations. In addition to generating revenue, their expertise and team of experts can significantly facilitate output delivery within the estimated time frame.

Moreover, by enhancing operational efficiency, managed service providers contribute to strengthening the overall competitiveness of real estate companies.

Benefits of managed service providers

Outsourcing managed services can provide numerous benefits to real estate companies. Here are some of the significant benefits obtained from managed services provider,

Tenant management

By partnering with a managed service provider, real estate firms can reduce the time spent performing redundant administrative tasks associated with tenant management. 

Lease managed service providers leverage their expertise and skilled professionals to manage lease properties and documents. With MSP, real estate companies can automate the repetitive tasks involved in lease management to ensure that all crucial data is up-to-date. 

Professionals can take over the day-to-day tasks of property managers, including document compiling, renaming, and uploading. Realtors can create shell records in client applications using lease managed services and update the data as necessary. With these added benefits, property managers can increase productivity and reduce paperwork.

Transparent communication

Real estate businesses require effective communication, especially when landlords and tenants have property agreements. Developing a solid relationship between landlords, property managers, and tenants ensures a profitable renting experience and fosters loyalty and trust. 

To make this communication productive and transparent, MSP professionals can facilitate positive interaction and promptly address both parties’ concerns. Through this, property managers and landlords can retain tenants for the long term with transparency, generate income from rented property, and reduce vacancy rates.

With a managed service provider, property managers and landlords can minimize misunderstandings and encourage tenants to make timely payments with better customer service. Ultimately it streamlines the cash flow and improves the financial growth of the property management business.

Lease document management and storage

Often real estate firms manage their property lease documents and accounting ledgers themselves. This methodology works well when the documents handled are in a small volume. As the business expands, the realtor may have their hands full with multiple business activities.

Every real estate business handles massive amounts of lease data and needs storage and management of relevant contracts, lease agreements, files, images, and other crucial data. Data is available at any time, and it is always unprotected.

A managed service provider can help you manage and secure your documents and provide the most effective document management solutions. A skillful team of professionals can handle all your clients and resolve their requirements and issues upon request.


Managed service providers help real estate firms scale. These providers offer various services for property management, maintenance and repair, security and monitoring, and communication and support. Real estate firms can streamline operations and manage properties efficiently by leveraging these services.  

Managed service providers enable real estate firms to focus on growth strategies, such as expanding into changing markets or acquiring new properties, without worrying about day-to-day management activities. 

Additionally, managed service providers can help real estate firms attract more clients by providing high-quality services, increasing revenue and profitability. Partnering with a managed service provider is a smart way for real estate firms to improve scalability and growth.

Overcome process complexity

For any organization to deliver better results, one needs a diverse workforce, flexibility in operations, and a willingness to pay special attention to factors like compliance and management.

To be agile in handling every task, every real estate firm should have proper planning and management skills. As a result, one small decision to manage an aspect of your organization internally addresses a multitude of complex and ever-expanding infrastructure processes.

Workforce, infrastructure, and other processes are in place at a trusted managed service provider to handle complex daily problems. As an expert in the field, managed service providers(MSPs) will focus on every aspect of the job while preparing for any possible challenges.

Access to the latest technology and software

Managed service providers have the resources and skills to streamline every challenging task involved with property and document management. 

Based on your business analysis and day-to-day repetitive tasks, they may suggest or introduce you to the latest technologies or AI software to remove your burden. With professional oversight, MSPs can integrate the software or tools and the workflow to speed up your deliveries more efficiently.

The IT landscape is ever-evolving, with constantly changing trends every day. They often come with significant upgrades to keep up with changing requirements. MSP experts can understand the tool operations and help you stay ahead of the curve through proper integration and customization.

How our managed services are of help to your business?

Real estate businesses cannot be carried out single-handedly or with a small in-house team. It requires specialized professionals to handle day-to-day repetitive tasks, review hundreds of lease documents, and deal with lease accounting implementation.

As an eminent industry player in the market, Mobius offers a wide range of managed real estate services to ease the burden of realtors, landlords, and investors. We have a team of certified experts to share your business routine tasks such as lease administration and abstraction using LeaseCatalyst, cam reconciliation, desktop and lease audits, document management, and communication support.

Unload your shoulders from the burden and consider outsourcing your business activities to a professional managed services provider. Contact us anytime. You can count on our 24×7 support.


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