You are selling online. You understand the need to drive visitors to your site and there’s been a ton of efforts from your side to optimize your website to drive traffic. You have done everything to propel traffic to your website – keyword research, catalog enrichment, pricing strategies, building backlinks and a lot more. Have you got enough traffic?



Traffic is good. Your efforts are much appreciated. But, what portion of those are actually hitting conversions? That’s the real struggle. You will have a whole bunch of visitors swarming your website. That’s needed because you need visitors for conversions.

Despite your efforts, if you have been finding it hard to increase sales and revenues, then clearly, traffic is not the problem, conversion is.

Conversions are critical to your business and here we put together some ways that will help you with conversion rate optimization:

1. Get creative on product pages

The product page is the most significant page of your website. For two reasons — it is one click away from the checkout page and this is the page that has product information that gives customers full confidence about the product and to a large extent influences purchase decision.

A lot of conversions take place here on the product page. A good product data is enticing and it can do wonders to get into the minds of the buyer to make them hit on the “buy” button. I am sure your product data has everything that it needs – the perfect description, keywords, images etc. While this drives traffic, you need to go an extra mile for conversion.

This is a page from Net-a-porter website. It is truly a conversion magnet. Why do I say so?

Take a look at the product description here – It won’t cause a bounce here because it answers all the questions and there is so much clarity! Apart from this, the imagery is also so perfect – it has got the zoom-in option, various dimensions, and a high-resolution image.

Conversion & differentiation point – The prime focus is to sell the leather bag, but, take a look at the images on the side, there are recommendations on what attire it would go best with and not just that the description has links to the actual product page. This is where you could be a little extra and think of ways to sell and make buyers buy more.

While a good product page can improve conversion rate, including other such options, could be a bonus!

2. Get obsessive when it comes to retargeting

Let’s face it – when you have had a visitor it certainly means they are interested but, you were not able to seal the deal with them possibly due to many reasons. Retargeting is one of the best ways to land on a sale that did not happen the last time when someone visited your site. This is a great way to capitalize on customers that showed some interest by visiting your site.

What retargeting does is that it reminds these potential prospects about your products, your new launches, offers, discounts etc. These are almost anywhere on the web. You can easily set retargeting campaigns on any advertising platform including Facebook marketing, Google, Twitter. This follow-up would be appreciated and has good chances of driving these folks back.

For instance, take a look at the retargeting ads of these brands on Facebook. I had visited their site and looked for the exact clothing but closed the window without purchasing them. Retargeting comes a long way in improving conversions. It reminds the customer about what they were looking for through display ads on social media – the medium where a majority of the population is active.

3. On page conversions

This is interesting. While you do everything to make these conversions happen, timing would play a huge role. A last moment try would be to try and pull them back right before they hit on the close window.

Here’s how: Offering discounts on abandoned cart items, mobile aesthetics, explicit return policies, hidden charges (Adding delivery price @ the time of payment) – drops conversion rates, customer photos – photos of people using product, showing off awards (builds trust), recommend related products, product videos, about us page and a lot more!

Here’s an infographic that shows some ways and means to boost on page conversions:



4. Win back emails

These e-mails are sent to those customers that are registered with you, have made a purchase in the past and are attracted to your brand. But, they haven’t been around for a while. That could be due to any reason, but what you need to focus on is that they did show some interest in you.

You could capitalize on that by reaching out to them through “we miss you” emails and highlight some of your best deals and offers, new product launches and other interesting things as apart of your mail.

This is a proven and effective conversion optimization technique.



Take a look at these emails, they are personal and create a sense of concern about the customer that is reassuring and exciting. Anyone would want to check out these websites to know more on what they are talking about. It shows that you care that the customer hasn’t visited your website and your efforts to get back would be appreciated. This way you build brand trust and win back an almost lost customer.

5. Checkout process optimization

Cart abandonment takes place due to many reasons. It could be due to complexity in the payment process, additional shipping costs, extended delivery date and many more. Now, conversions can be improved when you fix all these flaws. But for now, let’s pin our focus on how to improve conversions by getting friendly. They are interested in purchasing from you but haven’t completed the purchase. All you need to do is get back to them. Notably, you can recover from 5% to 12% of those lost sales.

What you could do is, start with friendly email reminders about the scarcity of the stock, include your store reviews or happy customer photos. Next, test out more on aggressive promotions with multiple emails offering limited time coupons. Don’t overdo as they might slip. Plan it out well because this is your last chance to retain an almost lost customer.

We hope these tips would help you improve your conversion rates, try these for your business and let us know how it worked for you. Also, feel free to share your views and other similar tips/ideas in the comments section below.



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