Jeganath, Associate Director of Data and Analytics at Mobius, believes data is everything. He goes on to say, “Without data, there are no facts. It is deeply embedded in the world that we now run a data-driven life, knowingly or unknowingly.”

He joined Mobius in March 2008 as a junior programmer. Being his first workplace, Mobius has helped him make the most out of his box. In the 15 years of his work life, he has had over 10 promotions, which is largely impossible at many companies. His perseverance helped him grow to become the leader he is now.

From developing automation bots for clients to managing the entire data aggregation and analytics team, Jegan has come a long way. His major hard skills – PERL, Python, nodeJS, and Javascript – have helped him in this journey. Apart from being part of the data and analytics team, he found time and duty to work with the data engineers at Mobius. He has showered inputs whenever a need arose. He has indeed been awarded the Star Performer award twice for his contribution, alongside many other competitions. 

Mobius: A place full of participatory leaders

“Since the day I joined Mobius, I have seen the top management making consciously empathetic decisions towards the development of its employees. I have personally witnessed many situations where employees felt heard. I would say this is a clear example of how participative leadership works.” says, Jeganath.

He adds, “Our very own founder, Karthik Karunakaran, fondly called KK, has been the epitome of this kind of leadership. He is a kind-hearted person who ensures that ‘help is served to all in need’”. After all, doesn’t this make a clear distinction between a leader and a boss? Aiding this, here’s a little throwback to an incident in Jegan’s life that will help you understand who a true leader is.

Mobius leaders

A paragon of work-life balance

Jegan strongly believes that Mobius is an exemplary example of work-life balance. He backs this with the strength of the women workforce at the company – “Many women work here because of the work-life balance. Owing to this, Mobius ensures that its employees are heard and that there is constructive criticism to help them develop professionally and personally. It is not necessary to work deadbeat to be able to get a promotion. Instead, work efficiently, and good talent shall always be rewarded.”

Here are other interesting things about Jegan.

Accountability is key!

Being a leader is not about monitoring and controlling. It is a wholesome practice that often cannot be forced upon but learned. A critical aspect of becoming a good leader is taking accountability for one’s work. Jegan says, “If the work we’re doing is wrong, we should be accountable for the mistake, not somebody else.” Not many live by this, but Jegan is among those who do. 

Here’s a short story that always tops his mind.

He says this quick lesson on work satisfaction teaches us the importance of being true to one’s work.

Jegan has voiced out what most of the Mobiusians feel. 

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