Retargeting refers to a marketing technique that involves re-engaging or displaying ads to consumers that have previously interacted or visited your website or app. This is an effective strategy to entice visitors to return, as it reminds them about new products and services, sales discounts, and other similar things.

Studies have shown that an average of 77.24% cart abandonment happens across all devices, which is a low conversion rate. For businesses wanting to increase conversions, a form of retargeting is essential. This would help them monitor customer behavior and have the necessary information to bring them back to the site.

 That said, retargeting can be a huge step toward increasing click-through rates and ROI. According to research, three out of four customers interact with retargeted ads. On Facebook only, retargeted ads have a 76% chance of getting more clicks in comparison with regular ads.

 During a retargeting campaign, customer segmentation will help you tailor the ads to your visitors, depending on the products the visitors are interested in. Also, retargeted products are based on time factors. For instance, people interested in travel should be retargeted quickly, while those interested in luxury products can be retargeted later. 

Make sure to add a creative, clear, and compelling CTA button that would capture the interest of the retargeted visitor.

 This strategy ensures that your profits increase if you use it across all channels, which is why adding retargeting to your general marketing strategy is always a huge boost.

 With 98% of your visitors not ready to buy anything on your website during their first visit, it is wise to employ retargeting.

 Check out the infographic below to learn more about retargeting, its advantages, and its effects on conversion rates.

Retargeting Statistics

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