The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the world and for most of us it is our first-hand experience with a pandemic of this magnitude. With this Virus affecting our everyday lives, even our business have taken a hit. This has made every enterprise execute their Business Contingency Plan.  We, at Mobius have had a BCP in place for a very long time and it was made operational. Here are the things that were considered and how we evolved the various actions that needed to be taken.  

Functions and responsibilities of the various team

1.Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) 

  • Advising management on emergency and approval from management for triggering BCP
  • GRC Team will execute the Plan based on the advice from CISO;

-Manages and improves Business Continuity system of the Organization.

-Overall responsibility for Business Continuity Management System.

-Conduct Business Continuity Management System Reviews periodically.

2.Responsibilities of Delivery Teams:

  • Have a clear delivery plan and inform critical resources.
  • Inform Clients and obtain approval
  • Consider appropriate team composition.
  • Have details of the associates – like name phone number (Primary and Secondary contact number), pre medical history, address if required. Etc.,  
  • Ensure the geographic focus and assessment especially for internet and communication.
  • Confirm that adequate logistics and administrative planning has been done – confirm with administration.
  • Plan and identify priority information needs, and data collection methods, tools, infrastructure etc.,
  • Have a SPOC and inform stakeholders.
  • Coordinate with IT and Admin Team for Laptops / desktops and logistics.

3.Responsibilities of HR Team:

  • Establish a SPOC in HR team and inform all stakeholders
  • To provide required personal details to Delivery teams like name , phone numbers , addresses, etc.,
  • Obtain bio-metrics on daily basis from Delivery teams SPOC.
  • Ensure a Platform Exists for Communications: In the event that regular communication is halted, what are the other means of establishing contact and support delivery teams.
  • Offer Employee Assistance: Offer employee assistance in case injury or any other damage is the result of a disaster event.

4.Responsibilities of Finance Team:

  • Establish a SPOC in Finance Team with decision making capability and inform all stakeholders
  • Ensure that the financial structure is adequate and able to meet emergency demands.
  • Support Admin and IT Teams for cash requirements
  • Comply with applicable internal controls.
  • Promote cross-training to ensure staff back-up when necessary.
  • Separate duties to avoid any one person having complete control over a transaction.

5.Responsibilities of Administrative Team:

  • Establish SPOC in Admin team and inform all stakeholders.
  • Ensure effective administrative support to delivery teams including travel, logistics, offices and equipment emergency and support staffs.
  • Manage office, accommodation and supply requirements.
  • Ensure appropriate levels of controls and accountability are in place for use of property and supplies, including vehicles and fuel.
  • Assist in liaison with Govt. agencies.
  • Ensure offices and lodgings are cleaned, facilities are stocked with essential hygiene supplies, and waste disposed of appropriately.
  • Ensure the office electrical system is able to cope with increased demands.
  • Have the full list of associates working during emergency including delivery team SPOC’s.

6.Responsibilities of IT Team:

  • Various SPOC’s for different delivery teams or combined together and inform stakeholders.
  • Obtain the list of Laptops/ desktops required from delivery teams with hardware and Software requirements.
  • Plan for adequate computer hardware / software needs and ensure there is sufficient capacity to meet emergency needs.
  • Coordinate with Admin. team for logistics.
  • Ensure Servers have zero downtime with appropriate backup or provide alternate servers when some physical servers are down.
  • Ensure proper networking with broadband internet connection is provided when working from home.
  • Ensure sufficient desks and IT/computing services are available for maintenance.
  • Ensure vendors are informed about BCP and requested to provide hassle free support.


Parthasarathy Thirumalai

-Head, Software Delivery

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