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Trains, Locomotives and Data Tracks

In today’s world data has become the primary business driver, pretty much like that of an engine in a train. The locomotives are the brain and muscles of the railway system that makes the train mobile. Similarly, data is the… Continue Reading →

5 Blunders to avoid when working on your product catalog

Product catalog feeds are not easy to crack. If you want the ultimate catalog that does all good for you, right from the search performance to the customer experience, you need to realize that your product catalog has some errors. Some… Continue Reading →

Why it’s easier to succeed with product data than you might think

Customers deserve solicitous service. With heavily loaded wallets and fully charged energy, they are always on the go for digital shopping. It is not surprising to see the stupendous interest people are showing as it is the era of digital… Continue Reading →

Scope of outsourcing big data analytics and benefits

Big data analytics has emerged as one of the enduring trends in the business world, bearing many benefits with it. It can be used for predictions and to gather key insights about customers, specific business processes and the current state… Continue Reading →

Can businesses access any public data in the web for their use?

The recent Federal judge’s injunction against LinkedIn that it can’t stop bots accessing its public data could turn out to be a landmark moment for the commercial use of the data on the net. It was a nuanced interpretation of… Continue Reading →

Mobito: A Move Towards Mass Crawl Data

Data drives business. And now data is available in petabytes in public domain that encompasses all aspects of a business. So, in addition to helping you solve practical business problems, public domain data can help you discover new opportunities in… Continue Reading →

5 key takeaways from IRCE 2017

The IRCE’17 held at the McCormick Place West, Chicago, turned out to be a gathering of best minds and technology from the world of e-Commerce. As for Mobius, a four-time IRCE veteran participating since 2013, it was a great opportunity… Continue Reading →

Mobius exhibits in IRCE 2017, Chicago.

Mobius is participating as an exhibitor at the IRCE 2017, the Internet Retailer Conference + Exhibition, where over 600 vendors, 200+ speakers and industry experts will share their views on the latest challenges and solutions facing the retail sector. Some… Continue Reading →

Announcing the launch of our new retail product data platform ProductiWise

We are really excited to announce the release of our cutting-edge product data management platform ProductiWise. And, nothing more fitting that the first look will be unveiled at Internet Retailers Conference & Exhibition, IRCE’17, in Chicago. Simple-to-use and designed with… Continue Reading →

Meet us at the BIIA 2017 Conference

“Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine,” states Peter Sondergaard, SVP at Gartner. Channelising the Information Oil is the Business Information Industry Association (BIIA) – a trade consortium for business information service providers… Continue Reading →

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