Large and Luxurious has become a way of life for the city of impeccable architecture and style – Dubai. Apart from being the largest among UAE cities, it houses the world’s tallest building, biggest natural flower garden, the most massive mall, world’s heaviest Gold Ring, extensive artificial islands, and the planet’s most luxurious 7-star hotel.

Internet data is doubling every year, yet only 0.5% of it gets analyzed. Today, a lot more credible and usable data enters the Internet by default, like data from regulatory bodies, corporate data, news items, and consumer data. Many successful organizations use this data to derive competitive advantage like identifying consumer insights, tracking competitors and even bringing about new offerings or differentiate existing services.

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Big data is not just a fad, it can make all the difference to make your marketing efforts meaningful and successful.

To substantiate, big data analytics can increase a company’s ROI to as much as $200 billion globally. Yet, a whopping 87% of marketers still believe that data is the most underutilized asset in their organization. Such huge amount of untapped data can contribute big time in shaping your marketing strategies by giving you a lot of insights to ponder upon.

My pace quickened as the threatening clouds darkened, reinforcing the weatherman’s report for the next few days. Taking lessons from the floods that hit our state the previous year, family members arrived at a solemn decision to stock all the essentials, including instant edibles. Surprisingly, our local grocer had purchased and piled indispensables ahead of the calamity, unknowingly following the game plan adopted by retail giant Walmart a decade back.

“Data, data everywhere”, the paraphrased old rime, is true for every industry today. Not only a business is able to capture far more amount of data internally, but it can access humungous amount of public data – on competitors, demographics, public sentiment, government data, pricing, trigger events for lead generation and so on. Every prospective client, regardless of industry, knows that leveraging information is a key competitive edge in this information economy. This is excellent news for business information industry, because the market is only getting bigger.

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I’ve become a big fan of Google. Now before I start pouring in praises for the search giant, it’s quite amusing to note that their well-loved search routine begins with the modest process of web crawling performed by crawlers (aka spiders or bots) commonly referred to as Googlebots.

How they tested, tried and played with the crawled data has turned them into a massive unparalleled search sensation.

So what set them apart?

Sales rep – what a great tag to walk around with.

Dynamic career development, good networking, great pay, opportunities to travel around and what not?

You are the star, since you run the show by bringing business.

But, to the person on the answering side of the telephone, you are just another annoying salesperson trying to spark a conversation. As a sales guy, day in and day out you spend most of the time at your desk trying to call random people to bring business.

Cold calling is not dead. Phone sales is still one of the best ways to drive business.

This blog details a document, page indexing and retrieval solution using ElasticSearch and is co-authored by Vignesh K, Ida Jessie Sagina

Did you see Google Trends’ Frightgeist 2017? Wonder Woman tops the list of famous costumes this Halloween season. You can also find the trending costumes specific to your locality and Voila! You can easily pick the most relevant and outstanding outfit of the season.

The recent Federal judge’s injunction against LinkedIn that it can’t stop bots accessing its public data could turn out to be a landmark moment for the commercial use of the data on the net. It was a nuanced interpretation of the law keeping up with the reality of the rapid webification of the real world. It is still early stages regarding the result of that specific lawsuit, but the directions and arguments bode well to clarify the gray area of legality associated with internet data and commercial use.