Data is leaving a trail in every industry. Be it finance or healthcare or the thriving e-Commerce sector, executives often consult the data doctor to make strategic plans and scale businesses. Often business strategists and industry experts have a tough time making sense out of huge mounds of raw data which is where data aggregation comes into play.

What is data aggregation?

Data aggregation can be broadly described as the process of collecting data from various sources, expressing it in a summarised form and enabling users to pull out information of their interest based on different variables.

Financial data aggregators like Yodlee and Mint, have already revolutionized the banking space with their personalized APIs projecting information on accounts, transactions, credit-card operations, loans, and investments based on the aggregated bank data.

Though the finance sector has taken data aggregation by its horns, there are several other business verticals that are yet to unleash the potential of data aggregation and here we present a few industries that could reap the rewards of it. 

Mobius has extended its data aggregation services to varied businesses and has an extensive experience in dealing with different data solutions.

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  Ida Jessie Sagina

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