Data drives business. And now data is available in petabytes in public domain that encompasses all aspects of a business. So, in addition to helping you solve practical business problems, public domain data can help you discover new opportunities in areas you never knew existed. But this data is spread so wide over the web, you need an advanced crawl system to discover data, handle IP bans, dynamic HTMLs, in-page Java scripts, parallel task processing, infrastructure management issues and data parsing issues, to get you the data you need. Which is why you need an enterprise-grade crawler manager like Mobito to power-up your web crawlers to process large volumes of data without running into these crawling issues.

Here’s an exhaustive list of use cases where we’ve employed data crawling, in combination with Mobito.
1. Collecting regulatory-compliant finance data in accordance with KYC, CIP, CDD and EDD regulations. Our solution? Developing a custom-crawler onboard Mobito platform and integrated with customer’s existing SiteSearch application.
2. Collecting real-time financial data 24/7 from selected sources through APIs. We threw in a custom crawler fine-tuned to pull data at any desired frequency.
3. A petrochemical engineering giant needed real-time gas data from multiple websites. The catch? The sources were from different geographies and languages. We proposed a crawling solution powered by Mobito to bypass site blockage and other dynamic website issues that might crop up in different countries.
4. Need: to provide OCR conversions with inputs from client’s system; extract and map that data into a specified format through APIs within 48 hours. Our solution: a custom-crawler in collaboration with Mobito to collate massive volumes of data with a quick turnaround time.
5. In order to collect bidding, planning, documents, and contract information for a construction firm, we developed a crawler to work with our proprietary tool, Mobito, to enable capturing of data from thousands of web sources.
If you are familiar with these scenarios, or have more to add to the list, get in touch with our experts and we’ll set up a meeting to discuss your data needs.

The Mobito Approach
While off-the-shelf web crawlers work in perfect sync with Mobito, we’d recommend you go in for a custom-crawler with built-in QC layers, additional data filters and validation sections that can help you get the data you need minus the hassle of sorting, filtering, parsing, validating, enrichment and other downstream data processes.

What makes the Mobito approach unique is our solutions architects and automation experts sit down with you and get your requirements before building you a custom crawler. The crawlers are then integrated with Mobito for data collection. You get full ownership of the bot and can schedule it to run data crawling programs for scale as per your requirement.

Looking to build a database? Or, got a large-scale data deployment to execute? We can help. Sign up here and our experts will get in touch with you.

  Sailakshmi Baskaran

  Senior Content Writer

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